April 20, 2024

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Lab analysis Benefits and Shortfalls

The following two tables show urine mycotoxin levels from urine testing.

The labs generally test for 16 mycotoxins and this is an economic and simple urine test. We can provide access to these through our partner labs.

Urine test with high Ochratoxin A

Mycotoxins - Creatinine value point
Mycotoxins - reference range

The following lab results show dust analysis of mycotoxins possibly present in the home and we can provide these tests and analysis with conclusions and recommendation.

Mycotoxins - mould Aflatoxin 2
Mycotoxins - Fumonisins
Mycotoxins - Sterigmatocystin point

From the same dust sample as for mycotoxin test we can also assess pathogenic bacteria as follows

Mycotoxins - Actinomadura chibensis list
Mycotoxins - summary of Cyanobacteria phylum

Some of these bacteria are extremely toxic and known carcinogens.

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