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Goverment & Medical

Mycotoxins - Doctor interview session
The following web links are to Government and medical Peer review and recognised sources. The information clearly identifies the major health hazards of Mycotoxins in both medical journals and Military use as WMDs. These mycotoxins can be found in buildings and may have negative health impact. While commercial use of mycotoxins may see extreme results of exposure in areas such as WMDs and even prescription drugs, the presence and chronic exposure to the same toxins can result in long term illness.

Key Points


While several moulds are described as toxic this usually means they are capable of producing mycotoxins. Toxigenic mould is a term coined by the Institute of Medicine when they produce Cytotoxins and Neurotoxins.

Mycotoxins - mould illness medicine
Primary metabolites are used for normal growth . Secondary metabolites or Mycotoxins are used in defence and protection.
Mycotoxins - Primary, Secondary metabolites substrates

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