June 21, 2024

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This site is owned and written by Jeff Charlton and Building Forensics.
Through our companies we provide a full range of services for those affected by Building Related illness

This ranges from mould and pathogen exposure to sampling and analysis, decontamination of surfaces and air with application of defence coatings.
While many companies appear to offer professional help only certification and training can verify that and below are copies of our 35 years training and certification route.

This diagram shows human defences against particulates. Humans have no defence against particles smaller than 7.5 micron. This means mycotoxins and chemical inflammagens carried on these small particles enter the blood stream.  

Mycotoxins - human lunge structure
Mycotoxins - Doctor cleaning mouldillness

Jeff at lab work and on site

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We provide answers , solutions, and results. Please don’t compare our services with unqualified poorly trained fools.

Jeff Charlton


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Don’t hesitate to contact us

Don’t hesitate to contact us

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